Duck : Free Range English



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Rich and full of flavour. Weight for weight, it has less meat than chicken and turkey but, because its flavour is strong, a little goes a long way. 

All of our free range ducks are reared to the highest welfare standards offering a large grass covered range area and the opportunity to bath and clean their feathers as nature intended.

Madgett’s Ducks and Geese

Owned and run by Daryn and Elaine Williams who breed their own breeding flock. All ducks and geese are hatched, reared and processed on their farm over-looking the Wye Valley. Their free-range ducks and geese roam free on the grassy fields from the moment they are feathered-up to allow the birds to grow slowly to full maturity. They are fed a natural diet of maize silage, wheat, barley, and oats which creates a fat marbling throughout the meat, producing a concentrated flavour.

Average size 2.4-2.6kg each