Butchery Department : Full Product List


Our beef comes from a variety of Native Breeds, including Hereford, Red Hereford, Short Horn, Longhorn and some amazing cross bred Charolais x Angus and Charolais x Hereford. We also buy specialist breeds such as Belted Galloway and Angus x Wagyu direct from Scotland.

Examples of what Holwood Farm Butchery can offer to our customers


Best Steak Mince

Our finest steak mince produced from lean cuts of our dry aged Scotch steak meat.

Topside Joint

One of the easiest joints to carve and very easy to cook. This joint is lean and can be used in lots of recipes.

Topside Corner Cut Joint

This joint has marbling running through the meat giving it a rich flavour, while still being tender and easy to carve.

Rump Cap Joint

The top of this joint is covered by fat, which gives it a deeper, richer flavour whilst keeping the meat moist and succulent.

Silverside Joint

This is a lean and tasty joint but requires a slower, longer cooking time.

Rolled Sirloin Joint

The king of beef roasting joints, beautifully succulent and juicy and very easy to carve.

Fore Rib Joint

Creates a visually mouthwatering Sunday roast on or off the bone. Let our butchers trim to your needs.

Boneless Rib Joint

This joint is perfect for roasting. It has marbling of fat running through it, giving it lots of flavour.

Rump Steak

A very lean cut, which can make it slightly less tender. However, it makes up for this in flavour. Best served medium to medium-rare.

Sirloin Steak

Possibly the best of all steaks, this versatile cut is perfect grilled or cooked on the BBQ.

Ribeye Steak

Tender yet beautifully marbled, which produces a fantastic flavour roasted or cooked on the BBQ.

Fillet Steak

Very tender, very lean and succulent. Great for special occasions.

Porterhouse Steak

Similar to a T-bone steak but contains more tenderloin.

Diced Chuck

This comes from the shoulder and neck of the cow, and is perfect for slow cooking or braising as it has very good flavour.

Diced Shin

Perfect for braising and stews.

Osso Buco Shin

Beef shin on the bone, perfect for slow braising.

Sliced Ox Tail

Usually slow cooked or braised for stews but can also be used for the stock base for soup.

Côte De Bœuf

One of the finest steaks still on the bone - a single côte de bœuf (literally "beef rib) is usually served as a meal for two.

Short Rib

Short Ribs are cooked low and slow until the meat falls off the bone.

Sliced Stir Fry Strips

For a tender and delicious stir fry marinade the beef for 30 minutes to tenderise. Brown the beef strips in the wok prior to cooking the vegetables and return to the wok with the sauce to heat through.

Rolled Brisket

The brisket is located between the shoulders and the forelegs. These muscles are well used and are also well marbled with fat,which results in more flavour. They are highly flavoured and perfect for slow braises.

Bavette Steak

Bavette or Flank steaks are best flash fried and served rare perfect with buttery Ballancourt béarnaise.

Black Bean Stir Fry Strips

Pre marinated strips make for super tender beef stir fry. Brown the beef strips in the wok prior to cooking the vegetables and return to the work with the sauce to heat through.

Top Rump Joint

The top rump or thick flank is a lean cut that is ideal for roasting, it can be also be thinly sliced to provide an inexpensive frying steak.

4oz Angus Steak Burger

Made with our finest steak mince produced from lean cuts of our dry aged Scotch steak meat.

8oz Angus Steak Burger

Made with our finest steak mince produced from lean cuts of our dry aged Scotch steak meat.




Our lamb grazes on the Welsh salt marshes giving the lamb a unique flavour. The natural grasses provide a totally free-range environment for the animals to live. We will also have Romney Marsh Lamb during the season from June.


Best Lamb Mince

Our finest lean mince produced from lean cuts of leg and shoulder from Welsh Salt Marsh Lamb.

Loin Chop

Very tender, very tasty and easy to cook.

Barnsley Chop

A Barnsley chop is taken across the loin and is essentially a double-sided chop. Also known as a saddle chop.

Chump Chop

Chump chops are taken from the point where the top of the leg meets the loin. Chump chops are plump and lean.

Cutlet of Lamb

A cutlet is delicious and tender, an individual chop taken from the ribs (or rack).

French Trim Cutlet

French trim is simply where the bone is exposed and cleaned.

French Trim Rack 4 Bone

A rack of 4 cutlet chops with the bone exposed and cleaned.

French Trim Rack 8 Bone

A rack of 8 cutlet chops with the bone exposed and cleaned.

Rump steak

Rump is steak cut from the hind leg with a layer of fat and skin on the top which crisps up beautifully when roasted. Very tender with a lot of flavour.

Diced Leg

Diced lamb leg perfect for a tagine or kebabs.

Diced Shoulder

Diced shoulder is good at absorbing robust flavours for stews, casseroles and curries.

Diced Neck Fillet

Good for slow cooking in a stew or winter hotpot or braise until tender.

Leg Whole

Classic joint for Sunday roast. Roasting on the bone adds to the depth of flavour.

Leg Boned Rolled

Classic joint for Sunday roast. Roasting without the bone makes for easy carving.

Butterflied Leg

Perfect for cooking on the BBQ, skin side down for 80% of the cooking.

Mint & Rosemary Butterflied Leg

Marinated with mint and rosemary, perfect for cooking on the BBQ, skin side down for 80% of the cooking.

Leg Cushion

A cushion of lamb is made from the whole leg joint which is boned and formed into a rounded cushion shape and tied with string.

Shoulder Boned Rolled

The shoulder is a well-used muscle and full of flavour. It is best slow cooked to ensure the meat is tender.

Minted Chops

Marinated in mint to make a quick and easy supper.

Minted Steak

Marinated in mint to make a quick and easy supper.


Lamb shank is full of connective tissue, it is very flavourful. Should be slow cooked so the meat melts off the bone.



Our pork comes from fantastic heritage breed pigs which are free range and fed on a diet high in apples and other fruits which yields a fantastic meat. We do also buy in rare breed British pigs such as Gloucester Old Spot and Duke of Berkshire.




Best Pork Mince

Our finest lean pork mince produced from lean cuts of leg and loin from free range Essex reared pigs.

Pork Chop

Very versatile, can be grilled, fried in a small amount of oil or oven baked. Bone in and a good layer of fat produces the most succulent dish.

Diced Pork Leg

Perfect for slow cooked dishes such as casserole, stew, goulash and stroganoff.

Pork Loin Steak

The leanest, most tender. Care must be taken not to overcook.

Pork Fillet Medallion

Also called tenderloin or Gentleman's Cut, pork fillet is lean, delicately flavoured meat.

Gammon Joint

Versatile cut of meat can be roasted or boiled and roasted to produce ham.

Gammon Steak 8oz

Cured hind leg of pork. Simple to cook, shallow fry in a couple to tablespoons for oil for 5 minutes per side. 

Pork Loin Crackling Joint

The loin is the area between the shoulder and back legs is the leanest, most tender. Care must be taken not to overcook. Drying and salting is a key step to ensure you get a crisp crackling.

Rolled Pork Belly Joint

Relatively cheap cut, pork belly has beautiful soft flesh and crisp crackling when slow-roasted.

Pork Shoulder Crackling Joint

Shoulder meat is more fatty than pork leg meat and produces very tender and succulent roasting joints. 

Porchetta Joint

A British take on an Italian speciality, using the loin.

Pork Fillet Whole

The most tender piece of pork simply sear and roast. Favours that work in any recipe.

Pork Belly Joint Bone in

Slow roast for a perfect Sunday lunch, the bone enhances taste and the skin yield wonderful crackling.

Pork Belly Joint Boneless

One of the most delicious cuts when prepared properly otherwise can be chewy and unpleasant. 

Pork Escalope

A pork escalope is usually a small piece of fillet, or can be the eye of the loin.

Pork Rack Roasting Joint

From the fore end of the loin, this large joint makes superb centrepiece for Sunday lunch.

Pork Chump Crackling Joint

The chump is usually cut into steaks or chops but as a joint can be roasted on or off the bone and is moister than the leg.

Pork Kebab

Perfect for the BBQ.




All game meat, including rabbits, pheasants and grouse, is sourced from gamekeepers in Kent and the surrounding areas and will change with the seasons and availability.

All game comes from within one hour’s drive of Holwood Farm. For instance, we are able to purchase pheasant and grouse directly from the beaters on Squerryes Estate in Westerham and all of our rabbits are wild and caught within 30 minutes of the farm shop.