Click and Collect - How it works

Welcome to click and collect from Holwood Farm, we can help with your regular shopping in these unprecedented times.


  • Orders placed by midnight on Sunday are eligible for collection on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday of that week.  Orders for Saturday can be placed until midnight on Tuesday. 
  • You will receive a confirmation email of your order.    Your order is accepted on a ‘Best Endeavours’ basis.   


  1. Choose your products and "Add to Cart"
  2. When your shopping is complete 
  3. Choose your collection day and time slot 
  4. Checkout and pay
  5. Wait until your collection day and time slot 
  6. Collect from Holwood Farm or if you have registered with 'Helping Hand' you order will be delivered to you.


  • Please check your collection date and time carefully.
  • Bring an A4 sheet of paper with the surname on your order and show this to a member of staff.  This will allow us to identify you without you needing to open your window. Airport Taxi Style.

  • Please ensure the boot of your car is clean and tidy and able to store the shopping you have ordered.   Our staff are instructed not to rearrange contents and also not to load shopping into the back seats of cars.  If you wish to organise your shopping yourself, our staff will place your items at the rear of your car.
  • Your collection slot is an hour long and you may pick up any time within that hour.   Please do not arrive early as your order will not have been picked and you may cause delays to other customers. 


  • On arrival park in one of the designated ‘Click and Collect’ Bays, please wait for a member of staff to come to your car.

  • Our staff will wear Hi Visibility vests, masks and gloves.   New gloves will be used for each customer collection.
  • As the staff approach your car with your order, please do not leave your car to greet our members of staff. 
  • If your boot opens automatically please open it.  
  • Our staff will place your shopping in the boot of your car, you are then able to leave.
  • Inside your shopping will be a copy of the order with any missed / exchanged items.   If there is an issue with any item please contact us immediately via email. Please do not phone.  We will attempt to remedy the error as quickly as possible. We will refund missed items as quickly as possible but  this may take several days. 


  • The service is free of charge.    There is however a £25 minimum order.   
  • We have kept our prices the same as the shop.
  • Please notify us on the day of any errors, please be patient.
  • We have done our best to ensure we can scale to demand on the key food items: bread, dairy, fruit and vegetables and meat.   We will try to expand store cupboard items but these are less predictable. We also have the issue of some wholesalers and suppliers closing.  Some have been hit very badly as much of their business was with food service.
  • Please shop responsibly.   Please do not book multiple slots.  We retain the right to cancel and refund orders if we believe the service is being misused for any reason.